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About Us

Compilation of images including a cross at sunset, two people smiling, bread, people talking, and an open bible


We have gathered to lead our generation into a transforming relationship with Jesus and a genuine community with each other so that everyone in the Quad Cities and beyond can find the best life possible.

Common Questions

Everyone’s got questions. Here are a few common ones.

What is membership?

Members are those who commit to making First Baptist Church their faith community for learning, worship, service, and generosity. Membership is when church goes from being “them” to being “us.” As a member of First Baptist Church, we ask you to commit to: being a disciple of Jesus, attending weekend services, joining a life group, serving faithfully and giving faithfully.

How do I become a member?

To make First Baptist Church your home church through membership, simply participate in Discover FBC sessions, and read through the Membership Guide which includes details about what we believe, membership requirements & benefits, and some frequently asked questions about our church.

How is First Baptist Church structured?

Our facility, ministries and events are overseen by our Church Council. The Church Council is elected annually by the members. Members serve as team members of our various ministries.

How many mission partners are supported?

We have 16 Global Partners and 4 Local Partners. In addition, we support 125 overseas missionaries.