Karen Ministry

Two hundred years of history has merged at First Baptist- Moline. In the early 1800s Adoniram Judson traveled to the Far East and found himself in Rangoon, Burma representing the Baptist church. As the first overseas missionary from the United States, he lived among the Karen people, sharing the love of Jesus Christ and translating the Bible into Burmese. Thousands of converts were realized in the thirty-eight years of his service.

Fast forward to 2007 and Karen refugees arrive in America, many practicing Baptists, some coming to the Quad-Cities and First Baptist Church of Moline. While first served by First Baptist Church as refugees in need, they have become members and an integral part of local church life. While no church members have a background of worshiping in a bi-cultural community, we all work each day to come together as brothers and sisters in Jesus’ family, serving each other and our God.

A Karen language worship service is held during the Sunday School hour and later a combined English language service is held with American and Karen members both participating. Children and youth programs are integrated for all members and Karen members serve on boards and committees and in the leadership of the congregation.


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