"We are a multi-cultural family seeking to grow in love of God and neighbor, intent on sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ."

What is your #1 goal in Life?
Your answer to that question will reveal your dominant life value.
Everyone has one whether they realize it or not. Its what we unconsciously base our decisions on.

God tells us that our dominant life value is to "be love" to our world.
Jesus once said that of all the commands in the Bible only two are most important. Love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.
The more we learn how to love authentically, the more we become like Jesus.


Thursday, November 23rd
Happy Thanksgiving
Office Closed

Friday, November 24th
Office Closed

Sunday, November 26th
8:45 am Adult Sunday School
9:00 am Children Sunday School
10:00 am English Worship
12:00 pm Karen Worship
4:30 pm Compass

Monday, November 27th
9:00 am Newsletter Mailing

Tuesday, November 28th
8:30 am Exercise
9:00 am Sewing B’s
9:30 am Staff Meeting

Wednesday, November 29th
10:00 am Women’s Bible Study
4:30 pm Prayer Group
6:00 pm Hand Bells
6:45 Choir

Thursday, November 30th
12:00 pm Bulletin Deadline

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